Give Your Walls The Gerry Duggan Business.

On Matt Oswalt’s recommendation I’m working with Blue over at on the photo book that will be on Kickstarter later this year. Couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming together. I’ve lined up some cool incentives, likely giclee prints to go along with the deluxe hardback. I think early bird purchasers will get a kick out of the offers. It’s going to involve limited prints signed by both myself…and the subject of the photographs.

This week X-Men 2 and Savage Avengers 23 are on sale. They’re easily two of the best team books I’m collaborating on at the moment. Hope you enjoy them.

I’m working hard to make sure the comics and photos are the best they can be, and I’ve selected a few to make available as prints. There’s only about a dozen or so at the moment, but I’m trying it as an experiment over here.

Watch this space for some very exciting news in just a few weeks about some exciting new projects. Here’s a single panel hint.

More soon.