What a day what a day what a day. I feel relief. Thank you for this post, as ever. You are awesome.

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Right back at you - and good luck on all your moves. The PATH trains are great - you'll love them.

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Ayyy grazie signore!

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Sep 25, 2023Liked by Gerry Duggan

Mazel tov to the WGA. The deal sounds about as good as it can be without also getting the impossible -- inside the streamers’ black boxes of viewership.

Two reminders for the youngs from ancient times:

Abraham Lincoln: A house divided cannot stand. Likewise, we’re stronger united.

And an important reality: the truth is that when the little people do well -- like a living wage for all full time work, which ~25% aren’t paid -- the overall economy does well. Besides the documentation behind that reality, the huge tell is that the arguments against it are BS, fantasies, and lies. That is, fact-free.

So again, props to the WGA (and SAG/AFTRA) on the success that couldn’t be had without a strong union.

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